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Environmental Education

Our school is committed to developing sustainability focused-skills and attitudes amongst both staff and students and have been for many years. The school has a School Environmental Management Plan that guides ongoing programs and projects to continue enhancing Jasper Road Public School’s environmental education. Our students are taught environmental issues through Key Learning Areas and special environmental focus days.

   ANZAC Commemorative Garden
    Just like many of the gardens at Jasper Road Public School, the ANZAC Commemorative Garden teaches us the importance of an event in Australia's history. This garden area was a focal point of our school ceremony. All classes laid a wreath in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives at war or who came back injured. Plaques featured in this garden teach our students about the symbols of our history and inform students of some important facts. The photo below was taken on sunset and shows the new silhouettes and solar lighting.
Arbors At StreamWatch 
             Arbors went on their annual trip down to Quarry Creek to conduct StreamWatch. This is when Arbors learn how to conduct and then conduct StreamWatch testing. They learn what each test means and how the levels affect the ecosystem. They also learn about the effects humans have on the creek and the wildlife that call it home. Part of their time is used discussing the native and introduced species of plants along the creek.

National Recycling Week

All 850 students, staff and community members traced their hands and added it to our tree. This represents the ever growing care that we have for our environment. Part of our event was Arbors teaching students how to use their fruit and vegetable waste for either compost or worm food that then gets turned into our own fertilizer that we use on our school plants. Each Arbor is allocated a class and work with the teacher and students of that class to learn about and have a positive impact on the environment. All students were encouraged to bring waste free lunches during this week. Happily, many parents and students continue to pack waste free lunches.


Arbors Training Arbors

How to become an Arbor.
Each year students heading into Year 5 the following year nominate themselves to become an Arbor. This occurs in term 4. We generally have between 40 and 60 students applying for the 10 - 15 spots on offer. Arbors then read all of the nominations and anonymously vote for our new recruits. The chosen Arbors are then notified and train with current Arbors. Arbors is a two year commitment. These environmental leaders then take charge of the hydroponics, Arbors vegetable gardens, worm farms, compost bins, bush tucker and Butterfly Gardens and assist with the maintenance and growing within all of the other garden areas. Arbors are assigned classes that they work with on various environmental issues. They complete their work during their recess and lunch breaks and during the holidays. They also lead the school in our focus days and special weeks. Arbors conduct waste and energy audits, StreamWatch and in Year 6 attend the Youth Eco Summit in Homebush.

Think GREEN because together we can make a difference.

     I truly am lucky to work with the students, parents, staff and community members of Jasper Road, all who have supported our initiatives and who join in the many learning opportunities our school offers around the environment. We definitely are one of the leaders in school environmental initiatives and projects. Within the new curriculum, sustainability is one of the key priorities across all Key Learning Areas, because some of our school's environmental programs go back 35 years we have already made the environment and sustainability a key priority and this will enhance all student learning. Mr Juris Meizis had a passion to begin this program and it has continued and flourished throughout the years. Thank you to Mr Meizis, Mr G, Mr W and Mr Jacob, as well as, the past and present Arbors.

Mrs Jennifer Franks   

Upcoming Events
EnviroWeek - 11th - 15th September
World Environment Day
National Tree Planting Day

Youth Eco Summit

Our Achievements 
ANZAC Commemorative Garden - Rotary Award
Arbor Garden - Rotary Award 

Arbors and Friends perform with Akova for GlobalVision Song Contest - Watch Us Here
Current Projects
* Rejuvenate Forest Walk, Bush Tucker Garden and Butterfly Garden

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