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About the Parents and Citizens Association (P & C)

To view a PowerPoint presentation outlining the purpose of the P&C click here

If you like to contact the P & C with any questions, suggestions, comments or concerns, please send an email to pandcatjasperroad@hotmail.com or join us at one of our meetings.

The Jasper Road Public School P & C meets at 7:00pm in the Staffroom, located in the main Administration Block, on Monday in Weeks 5 and 8 in Term 1, in Weeks 2 and 5 in Term 4; and meets in Weeks 2, 5 and 8 in Terms 2 and 3.

The P & C Committee meetings provide a forum for discussion and an additional opportunity for members of the school community to communicate with executive and other teaching staff. Decisions are made on how we allocate funds and priorities for fundraising. Issues can be raised and questions asked. Reports on activities within the school are presented. There can be presentations on particular topics.

The Fundraising Committee and the Band Committee are official sub-committees of the P & C.

At Jasper Road Public School all parent groups work together.