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Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising group is a sub committee of the P&C and is the primary fundraising arm of the P&C. We operate under the constitution of the P&C.
The Fundraising group's main purpose is to build networks within the school and to raise funds for school initiatives, determined by the school and the P&C.

We meet Wednesday mornings at 9:15am in Weeks 5 and 8 in Term 1, in Weeks 2,5 and 8 in Terms 2 and 3, and in Weeks 2 and 5 in Term 4; in the cottage. Attendees need to sign in at the front office prior to walking over to the cottage. 
Preschoolers and toddlers are welcome.

Our meeting dates can also be found on the
school calendar

Our purpose is:

1. Community Building:  FUN events for students and families

2. Fundraising:  Active Fundraising and Passive Fundraising

3. Catering: For events, such as Grandparents' Day and Kindergarten Orientation.

Our Events

Our proposed schedule for 2016 events can be found here

Each of our events is organised by an event co-ordinator, who is supported by the Fundraising Group and a dedicated group of volunteers, as required.

If you would like to get involved in the Fundraising Group,click here to see how you can help. 

If you have an idea for a fundraising or community event, please email the Fundraising Committee jaffatjasperroad@hotmail.com, or join us at a meeting.

Fundraising Focus
The focus for fundraising is determined by the school and the P&C in March of each year, and is communicated through the Fundraising Committee.

Since 2009 the Fundraising Committee have raised funds contributing to the refurbishment of the Kindergarten COLA, the installation of two multi-purpose, artificial grass play areas (near Seven Hills Road and the bottom playground), the installation of air-conditioning and interactive whiteboards to all classrooms, rainwater tanks, an upgrade to toilets and the purchase of iPads for all classrooms.

Funds raised have also been used to co-fund the school's chaplaincy program and the position of an IT-Coordinator.