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Strive To Achieve

Principal's Message

Our school is a place of educational excellence where your child will be nurtured to reach their personal best in all areas of learning and life skills.

Professional and Caring Teachers Preparing Students for Learning and Life

Jasper Road is a school which constantly strives to develop quality educational programs in all Key Learning Areas, which are comprehensive and challenging, yet achievable. Our dedicated staff of highly professional educators, encourages students to reach their individual potential across the curricular, as well as building self-esteem in students. Our school works with parents/carers and students to ensure responsible behaviour, building a strong sense of pride in citizenship values in every student. Our Student Well-Being focus is underpinned by expectations, based on the Positive Behaviour for Learning  (PBL) program.

Where Your Child Will Be Treated As An Individual

At Jasper Road, we cater to individual learning requirements and our teachers ensure that mandatory curriculum requirements are met and each student is taught using a variety of strategies, catering for individual learning styles and stages of development. Our school is strongly committed to providing multi-cultural, Aboriginal and environmental perspectives across all teaching programs. Jasper Road Public School also hosts a regional Support Unit within four classes, providing support to students with physical disabilities, a moderate intellectual disability and/or Autism. These students integrate successfully with mainstream students in a variety of academic, social and sporting opportunities.

A Dynamic and Supportive School Community

Our school enjoys the high level involvement and support from our parents and volunteers. Our parent bodies meet regularly to discuss the school’s targets in learning and to assist with fund-raising, to maximise the learning, environmental and technology resources our students can access. We actively encourage parents/carers to support the school’s teaching and learning programs.

Excellent Facilities and Preparing Every Student for Their Future

Jasper Road is situated in attractively landscaped grounds of which the staff, students and school community are very proud of and involved in maintaining. All classrooms are fitted with Interactive White Boards and students enjoy a variety of well-resourced classrooms, attractive outdoor and sheltered learning and recreation areas. Our large library is a hub of learning at J.R.P.S., with all students encouraged to work with our Teacher-Librarian and Class Teachers to access books, reference items and build their literacy and information skills. With technology’s fast rate of change, teachers and students are learning alongside each other. Our Jasper Road wireless Intranet provides a secure vehicle for students and staff alike to develop skills in multi-modal futures focused learning. Our technology program includes building and improving the portable technology access ratio for all students. Our library also houses two Interactive Whiteboards.

Student Excellence Through Innovative Programs

Using Focus on Reading strategies in all Key Learning Areas, an emphasis on talking and listening, fluent reading, deep comprehension and quality writing integrate crucial Literacy skills within Human Society and Its Environment as well as the Science and Technology learning areas. In addition our Mathematics programs ensure that Numeracy skills, analysis and problem-solving are utilised, assessed and tracked across planned, sequenced and integrated units of learning.

Students actively participate in local, district and regional Public Speaking and Debating opportunities, developing talking and listening skills as well as polished speaking performances.

Support programs include accessing specialist teachers in EAL/D (English as an Additional Language and/or Dialect), Reading Recovery,  Learning and Support (LaST) as well as actively developing the specific talents of students, identified within our Gifted and Talented Students (GATS) program.

A Strong Focus on The Creative Arts, Sport and Fitness Will Benefit Your Child

Students are encouraged to develop skills in self-expression and creativity through our outstanding Creative Arts programs. Opportunities to gain competence are provided in class Music programs, Dance and an extensive Band Program, utilising external tutors. Students are provided a range of performing opportunities within the school as well as through external concerts, school competitions and Arts Festivals.

Students are encouraged to develop fitness and Sport skills as well as an active, healthy lifestyle through weekly individual, group and Primary Schools Sports Association (P.S.S.A.) team opportunities in both Summer and Winter competitions. Students from J.R.P.S. regularly reach Castle Hill, Regional and State level in a number of sports.

Our school possesses excellent outdoor activity facilities including an oval, Basketball Court, play equipment, soccer field and open outdoor spaces.

Developing Citizens of the Future

The underlying ethos of the school encourages all students to aim at all times to be Safe, Team Players, Achieving and Responsible learners. These expectations are identified each week by staff with students being nominated for STAR Recognition certificates and reaching positive behaviour certificates, announced at K-2 or 3-6 Assemblies, where their successes are applauded by their peers, teachers and the school community.

Students are encouraged to develop a strong sense of pride in their school and to be fully involved in all aspects of school life including our Student Representative Council (SRC), which enables students to develop leadership skills. It is a forum for students from Years 2-6 to generate ideas and be involved in the decision making process at their school, as well as making suggestions for school improvements.

School Philosophy

Jasper Road Public School, aims to develop a cooperative spirit and expectation for excellence amongst students, staff, parents/carers and the wider community. We aim for our school to be happy, caring and secure, fostering equal opportunities for all children and balancing high expectations with a supportive learning environment.

All children are encouraged to develop talents and abilities to their fullest extent, through learning experiences that integrate academic, practical, creative and social aspects of learning and life. We encourage students to value themselves, others and their environment. Students develop decision-making capabilities, recognise their personal strengths and challenges, are supported to build confidence in their learning progress and are encouraged to become independent, self-reliant, self-disciplined and resilient people who can deal positively with the changes that life can present.

At Jasper Road Public school, we aim everyday, to live by our motto…Strive to Achieve.

Welcome to our school…

Mr Gary Ruzgas - Principal Jasper Road Public School