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Through our Learning and Support Teacher program children from Kindergarten to Year 6 are supported in literacy and numeracy skills. For three and a half days each week, assistance is given to the children through individual teaching, guided reading groups within the classroom, and withdrawal groups for targeting of specific literacy skills.

Students who achieve at a lower level in NAPLAN Tests (Literacy) receive special assistance from the Learning and Support Teachers. Volunteer tutors play a very important role in assisting our children in reading.


Enrichment activities are provided throughout the school, with all students in all classes being given the opportunity to enter various competitions, dance groups, bands, choirs, chess and Arbors. Students gifted in any area are entered into the school’s database and are invited to attend specialist workshops when the opportunity arises.


The Jasper Road School Band program commenced in April 1994. Over the subsequent years many Jasper Road students have enjoyed being involved in performance ensembles and have gained recognition in the wider community at a variety of concert opportunities.

The Band program is open to students in years 3 – 6 who are keen to learn a musical instrument, who are capable of working within a team and who show a willingness to commit to the program.

In 2004 our band program expanded to include 3 separate bands. Beginner, which has two bands Red and Green, Concert and Performing. All four bands have continued to raise the profile of our school by successfully competing in a range of Eisteddfods and Competitions. Each year students have the opportunity to participate in band camp which will be held at Meroo in 2016, early in second term. Here, students fine tune their musical skills whilst enjoying a range of other fun activities.

Under the expert direction of Mr Steve Clark, students learn the skills required to perform in an ensemble and learn to play a variety of music in a fun atmosphere alongside their peers. This very worthwhile program raises confidence and self-esteem, and also provides the opportunity for students to showcase what they have learnt in a very public forum.

The Band program also relies on parental help. The Band Committee meets each month and their job is to ensure the smooth running of the program. Rosters, instrument distribution and fundraising are just a few of the roles of the committee. This program cannot run without parental commitment.

Each year at the beginning of Term 4, the Jasper Road School Band holds an information evening for parents and students in Year 2 who may be interested in joining the program. This evening is also open to students in Years 3 – 5 who may wish to join the band in the following year. Keep an eye out for dates in the Monday note and come along. Instruments will be on hand for students to try, and Mr Steve Clark will be happy to answer your questions.


Music is an important part of all children’s education. We aim for all our children to participate and appreciate music activities. The Support Unit Percussion Band is designed specifically for our children in the Support Unit who have a physical disability, an intellectual disability and/or are diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. It is an integrated band where teachers and students enjoy learning, playing and performing together, led by our very talented conductor. The Support Unit Percussion Band has performed at our Jasper Arts Festival, during Education week and on numerous occasions including the Hills Performing Arts Festival.

[Formerly known as ESL]

Our school has approximately 54% of students with a Language Background other than English (LBOTE) from more than fifty different language backgrounds.

There are two EAL/D teachers providing Literacy and English language support for the EAL/D students and their class teachers. This support may include working within the classroom or team-teaching with class teachers. Literacy support is available across any of the Key Learning Areas for class programs. Students who are beginners or part of the New Arrivals Program in English, work in small groups according to their needs. The EAL/D teacher’s role is also one of support for parents. This includes the organisation of interpreters as needed and the building of communication networks. Staff and parents are alerted to special cultural days and festivals.


Jasper Road Public School has a well equipped library that is an integral part of the school's teaching and learning program. The large selection of books, DVDs, kits and computer software is utilised to support student's learning both in the classroom and in the library.

Each class has a timetabled session in the library for borrowing and acquiring literacy and information skills. In addition, classes may book into the library for extended research pertaining to the focus of study in the classroom.

Book Week is a time when we collectively celebrate the joy of reading and the wealth that abounds in children's literature. A book donation fair is held each year when parents can contribute to keeping the school's collection current and relevant.

The library is a particularly busy place before school and at lunchtimes when students spend their recreational time in reading, drawing, doing research or using the computers that are available.

Research Skills Presentation                                                                                


This is the school’s environmental group comprising of between 30 to 40 senior students. 

The Arbors commenced in 1991 under the Green Australia Program, supported by Winston Hills Rotary. The school has its own shade house which, up to now, has produced over 65000 trees, shrubs and grasses. These have been distributed to needy areas within New South Wales, but in recent times we have been supplying local primary and high schools. The Arbors work closely with Baulkham Hills Council and the Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust.

The Arbors not only teach and supervise younger students in potting and planting but are also taught:-

  • Germination of native seeds (mainly supplied by BHSC)
  • Producing plants through cuttings
  • Hydroponics - they have their own and supply the school’s canteen with fresh produce
  • Potting and planting techniques
  • Worm farm care
  • Water and bug watch activities
  • Meeting procedures
  • Playground maintenance (litter boards).

During past years, the Arbors have enhanced the school’s environment by establishing a bush tucker garden, frog pond/rain forest, bulb gardens, butterfly and vegetable garden, olive and wattle grove. They also played an important role in our ‘Walk and Wheel’ playground.

The school has been fortunate to be the recipients of many awards, notably from the Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust and Keep Australia Beautiful. 

" Our work has only commenced".


Two debating teams, consisting of five students each, meet weekly to train and develop their skills in preparation for several debating competitions. They have had enormous success in various competitions, in particular the Premier's Debating Challenge, winning the Western Sydney Regional finals in 2014 and participating in the State finals. The students also participate in the Parramatta district friendly debates. For the past four years a Jasper Road debater has also been selected for the Western Sydney Regional Debating Team and competes against students from around the State. In 2014, the Western Sydney Regional Debating Team won the State competition. 

The students have become increasingly proficient in successful debating, in particular:

Creating strong, convincing teamlines

Developing and sharing cohesive arguments to create a case

Communicating clearly and persuasively

Strongly rebutting the opposition’s case. 


Jasper Road offers chess as an after school enrichment program. Students from years 5 and 6 have competed in the New South Wales Chess Competition. Students were taught and given opportunities to develop skills in a competition format against other schools in the Hills area.

Chess offers opportunities for students to develop their skills in logic, tactics, strategy and concentration by competing against teams from other schools.


The school runs Dance Groups in Stages 1, 2 and 3 as well as a "Company Dance Troupe" for our particularly talented dancers, coordinated and choreographed by Miss Caroline Harney. In 2014, they have performed at the The Hills Performing Arts Festival, Grandparents Day and Education Week. In 2015 they had an integral role to play in our Jasper Arts Festival. 2016 is another busy year for our dance groups and the changed leadership


The Senior Choir is open to all children, Years 3 to 6, from mainstream and support unit classes. They rehearse at school during lunch, 45 minutes a week. The senior choir performs at most school functions as well as the Hills Performing Arts Festival and PULSE, where they are included in the respective combined choirs.


Enthusiasm, commitment to excellence and drive have been the hallmarks of Junior Choir.

Consisting of Stage One students, the Choir has met weekly for vocal training. Regular performances have enabled us to showcase our talent.
2015 promises to be another exceptional year for Junior Choir.


The group rehearses for 45 minutes a week during lunch. Students have had the opportunity to perform at many school functions including Education Week Open Day and will be part of the Jasper Arts Festival.  Mrs Dumas coordinates the program.