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School History

The name Jasper Road comes from Jasper which is a red, yellow or brown opaque quartz. It was thought to be mined in this area. Our school was built in 1966 and classes began on 31st January, 1967. It was first known as Baulkham Hills West Public School, but because there already was a Baulkham Hills and Baulkham Hills North Public School, the name was changed by the Department of Education to Jasper Road Public School to avoid confusion.
 (natural Jasper)

On 31st January, 1967 there were only five teachers, including the first Principal of the school, Mr. C.B. O'Brien who taught a 4th Grade class. The first day saw a total of 58 children enrolled, and the first pupil was Bruce Bennett who was enrolled in 4th Grade. Bruce continued at the school until the end of 6th Grade when he left to attend James Ruse High School. By the end of 1967 there were 185 pupils enrolled.

By 1970 there were 349 pupils enrolled and nine teachers in the Infants School, and 335 pupils and ten teachers in the Primary Department. Such rapid growth lead to classes being held in the Masonic School across the road. Our first class in the Masonic School was a 5th Grade class taught by Mrs. Searle. Mr. O’Brien remained as Principal until he retired in 1972. His position was taken by Mr. Binns.

Mr. J. Smith came to Jasper Road in 1975. In 1977 there were 1,381 pupils enrolled and in 1980 there were approximately 1,600 pupils, making Jasper Road one of the largest schools in the state of New South Wales.

Mr Lionel Brown came to our school in 1980. It was at the beginning of 1982 that Matthew Pearce Public School opened and many of our pupils and teachers left our school.

In 1982 the Infants Department, which had been stationed in the Masonic School buildings, moved across Seven Hills Road to join the main school in its present location. After Mr. Brown’s retirement Mr. Grant became the school Principal.

In 1990 Mr. Ken Masters arrived as Principal. This was also the year that the Disabilities Unit was moved from Northcott School to Jasper Road. Many building changes were necessary to accommodate these children.

Mr. Masters retired in 1999 and Mr. Dennis Marks joined us in January 2000. By 2005 there were 624 children enrolled at Jasper Road Public School with thirty-eight teachers. Our staff also includes five Teacher’s Aide Special, a Clinical Nurse Specialist, eight therapists, four school assistants and two general assistants.

Mr Marks retired at the end of 2007 and our present Principal, Mrs Mary-Anne Martin, joined us in term two of 2008.